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Following are several links we’ll think you’ll find interesting

Articles and information about the Second World War

The Bridge on the River Kwai
Classic 1957 feature film about POWs in Burma

Camp 20 in Gravenhurst
Information on the POW camp in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Archive
Several interesting Canadian POW facts and stories

Radio Canada
Several interesting Canadian POW facts and stories (in French/en Français)

David J. Carter
Author and historian David Carter’s book “Behind Canadian Barbed Wire” published by Eagle Butte Press

Darul Uloom Islamic School
Today, Bowmanville's former Prisoner of War Camp 30 is a Muslim school.

The Enemy Within
Eva Colmer’s investigation into her father’s time as a German POW in Canada

The Great Escape
Classic 1963 feature film about Allied POWs escape

Historia airs films on a diverse range of historical subjects
(in French/en Français )

History Television
History Television airs films on a diverse range of historical subjects, including World War Two

The McKenzie Break
1970 feature film combining several German POW escape stories

Medicine Hat Murder
More information about the murders at Prisoner of War Camp 132 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Edgardo Moreno
Edgardo Moreno composed original music for Hitler’s Canadians

The One That Got Away
1957 feature film that dramatizes the daring escape of Baron Franz von Werra

Oshawa Military And Industrial Museum
The military museum in Oshawa supplied us with beautiful period army vehicles

Prisoner of War Camps in Canada
A list of Canadian Prisoners of War camps

Ulrich Steinhilper
The former Luftwaffe ace and POW’s books about his war experience “from the other side”

Von Werra
Swiss produced documentary about Franz von Werra

The Gilded Cage
Author and historian Cecil Porter’s book about the Gravenhurst POW Camp