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"An eye-opening journey driven by local music."
Milano Film Festival

"An unforgettable portrayal where Third World ingenuity meets 21st century global economics"
Min Sook Lee - Planet in Focus

"A unique outing... a rare and shocking insight into an unsafe workplace" - Andrew Ryan - The Globe and Mail

" Storyline has certainly scored with this amazing visit inside the massive, corroded shells"
Jim Bawden - Starweek Magazine

" Storyline brings a fascinating story to the eyes of the world"
Binoy Thomas - Weekly Voice

“ Shipbreakers is an inspirational example of what can be achieved through investigative journalism and documentary film”
Sarah Caufield – The Peak

“Your film has contributed to the knowledge and understanding of Canadians about international development issues”.
Honourable M. Aileen Caroll, Minister for International Cooperation

"Lucid, spellbinding"
Lise Treutler - The McGill Tribune

"Never has a death trap looked so visually stunning"
Meg Hewings - Hour.ca

"Shipbreakers powerfully traces this First World detritus as it washes ashore"
Brian Gibson - VueWeekly

"Visually arresting and pointedly informative"
Kevin Wilson - See Magazine

Angela Baldassarre - Tandem

"Thought provoking"
The Link Newspaper

“It’s hard to imagine a darker film than Shipbreakers”

Bill Brownstein - The Montreal Gazette

“(Director) Kot takes the time to view the issue from all sides… … the towering ships themselves prove an endlessly impressive photographic subject”
Tom Charity - The Vancouver Sun - ***

“a striking Canadian documentary”
Bob Clark – Calgary Herald

“Shipbreakers is a mesmerizing film as compelling for its visuals as it is for its insights”
Louis B. Hobson – The Calgary Sun

“Shipbreakers captures all the horror and the glory of this festering boil on the earth’s hide…. The appalling reality of the shipyards is treated with a compassionate, even hand”
Ian Doig – FFW”

“Shipbreaker uses expertly crafted sequences in a manner that lets their condemnation come through without resorting to sensationalism.
James Wegg – Jamesweggreview.org ****

"Shipbreakers offers a startling portrait of the vast and polluted port of Alang, where ocean-going ships come to die”
Calgary International Film Festival

“an eye-opening journey… …Shipbreakers’ cinematography is truly sublime”
Vancouver International Film Festival

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