Resilience - stories of single black mothers


I spoke to some amazing black women during the course of making this film. They spoke freely about their lives and had significant insight about being single mothers. All were very open with me but many refused to speak on camera because of the stigma attached to being a black single mother; these women were often well educated with good jobs and status in the community. Which kept bringing me back to the purpose of the film - the desire for discovery and recovery.

The documentary, “Resilience: stories of single black mothers”, is for our young women and men. It has moments of insight and strength, even beauty and is well worth watching for these reasons.

I love the women in this documentary. Simone speaks with bravery and intelligence about the obstacles and stigma she faces as a young woman raising three children alone. Nancy, a mother of twins, who has a successful management career in social work, owns the anxiety and self-consciousness of single parenthood. And Gloria speaking with her experience as a young single mother 40 years ago expresses alarm for teen mothers today.

70% of all black children are being raised in single parent homes. For the aspiring middle-class who believe this statistic has nothing to do with them, think again. Material privilege will not insulate adults or especially children from the direct and indirect ravages of low-self esteem, anxiety, and despair. The impact of single parent households on the majority of black children cannot be disconnected from the community at large.

Storytelling is my method of sharing information about myself, family and community. I hope “Resilience: stories of single black mothers” supports my efforts to reach out to young people in order to help them make healthy choices. I hope you enjoy this documentary, and I encourage you to read the accompanying guide.

Lana Lovell
Writer/ Director